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Derma Fibra Forma Extra MEN's RANGE
Cleanse Cleanse 1 Balance Shampoo B1 Purify Shampoo P1 Micellar Shampoo Color Save Shampoo C1 Repair Shampoo R1 Keratin Protect Shampoo L1 Hair & Body Shampoo SOL1 Shampoo i1 Hydrate Shampoo H1 Volumize Shampoo V1 Smoothen Shampoo S1 Deep Cleanser X1D Triple Shampoo
Transform Immediate 2 Color Save Conditioner C2 Repair Conditioner R2 Keratin Conditioning Cream L2 Hydro-Repair Conditioner SOL2 Conditioner i2 Hydrate Conditioner H2 Smoothen Conditioner S2 Elastic Force X2E Hair & Beard Conditioner M2
Intense 3 Balance Mask B3 Purify Mask P3 Pre-Shampoo Clay Color Save Mask C3 Repair Mask R3 Keratin Restore Mask L3 Mask i3 Hydrate Mask H3 Volumize Mask V3 Smoothen Mask S3
Molecular 4 Balance Energy Serum B4 Purify Shampeeling P4 Repair Emulsion R4 Reconstructive Elixir Sun Oil SOL4 Hydrate Emulsion H4 Volumize Emulsion V4 Perm Lock Emulsion X4P Liquid Hair X4L Color Lock Emulsion X4C Hair & Beard Oil M4
Infuse + Color Save Infusion C+ Repair Infusion R+ Hydrate Infusion H+ Volumize Infusion V+ Smoothen Infusion S+
Finish Seal 5 Balance Lotion B5 Purify Lotion P5 Scalp Fluid N5 Color Save Bi-Phase Conditioner Repair Perfect Hair R5 Keratin Boost Essence Solar Cream Hair Spray i5 Hydrate Quenching Mist H5 Volumize Aerolifter V5 Alpha Energy X5A
BB61Blue Shaper BB62Amplifying Foam BB64Curl Definer BB65Instant Reset CC62Soft Touch CC63Perfect Ends CC64Chrono Control CC61Instant Energy DD 61Energy Control DD 63Unlimited Structure

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