Our philosophy

With 40 years dedicated to the science of transformative hair care, System Professional is the only brand
with the experience to resolve the issue of ultra-personalization.
Our scientists discovered that each person’s hair has a unique energy profile that determines its elasticity,
fiber health and responsiveness.

This personal ‘energy fingerprint’ is defined by the hairs lipid level.
Lipids, even though only 4% of the hair, have a uniquely active influence on the hairs energy.
New System Professional is based on the EnergyCodeTM Complex,
a technology designed to re-establish the hairs natural lipid balance and to protect the keratin.

After using System Professional hair feels reborn to a virgin state, looks visibly healthier and is more responsive.
By diagnosing each client’s individual hair energy profile – a process we call EnergyCode Mapping –
you can prescribe an ultra-personalized, coded care system that will maximize their hair energy.

As a partner of System Professional, you are part of the exclusive circle of salons that redefine care
into transformative and personalized beauty treatments: for a truly exclusive and efficacious salon experience.

The care university

Your journey to become a world-class care expert starts here

Experiential program

Each experiential program is based on next-generation tools, products and techniques that, for the first time, truly transform the very substance of hair. Through our EnergyCodeTM Mapping, coaching support and career-elevating education you will gain the ability to analyze, diagnose, treat and maintain the hair and scalp for optimum health.

Imagine the possibilities when you can transform the physical quality of any hair type with the most personally customisable products in the world – offering over 100.000 possible combinations.

Re-energize your career

When you join The Care University, you’ll embark on an engaging journey that re-energizes your career, enhances your professional prestige, solidifies personal client connections and maximises salon profitability.

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