• (1)  What is new with System Professional?

    The new System Professional is the most personalized scientifically advanced hair care system. System Professional will deliver an Industry changing approach in market with ONE scientific brand transformation story, a be-spoke EnergyCodeTM Mapping diagnosis and more than 174 Million possible care systems, tailor made for each client's specific needs. Discover your code today [link to salon finder + speed mapping]

  • (2) Where can I find new System Professional?

    Similar to the high end Fragrances where the brands are not broadly distributed, we will sell System Professional only through our carefully selected System Professional partner salons. Our aim is to protect our salon partners and delight our clients with System Professional exclusive products & services. [link to salon finder]

  • (3)  What is EnergyCodeTM Mapping?

    The EnergyCodeTM mapping is our proprietary method of professional hair and scalp diagnosis.  The process is inspired by skin care, where in depth consultation is best practice, and takes 5-10 minutes to do in salon. Through this process salon clients will understand their hair and scalp needs and energy profile, and receive a treatment prescription – their personal EnergyCodeTM. [links to speed mapping + diagnosis overview page on website]

  • (4)  What is the EnergyCodeTM Complex? How does it work?

    System Professional’s new patented EnergyCodeTM Complex is inspired by skin-care and bio-science. It is a new combination of 5 powerful naturally occurring ingredients that help restore hair’s energy and responsiveness - which we discovered is disproportionately linked to the right lipid balance inside the hair fiber. The scalp active ingredients will improve blood circulation (Caffeine) and moisturize the scalp (Vitamin B3 Amide). The hair active ingredients improve the health of hair over time, specifically reinforce the cell cement that is integral to hair full of energy (two natural Lipids).  Others replenish the hair and help fight free radicals (Histidine, an amino acid). The EnergyCodeTM Complex is precisely  and individually integrated into the product range, depending on the benefit for the product. [link to product science page + video of the technology]

  • (5)  What is the difference between EnergyCodeTM Complex, personal EnergyCodeTM and EnergyCodeTM Mapping?

    The EnergyCodeTM Complex is the combination of 5 active ingredients that address each client's unique hair energy profile. The EnergyCodeTM Mapping is our signature method of professional hair and scalp diagnosis, that leads ultimately to the client's EnergyCodeTM. The EnergyCode is the  personalized code for the prescription of the Care System for every client (V1 + C3 + H5). All three are interlinked and are the core of the System Professional approach.

  • (6)  How long does it take to do an EnergyCodeTM Mapping?

    In salon it takes between 5-10 minutes to do an in-depth EnergyCodeTM Mapping. We also offer an online speed mapping, which takes approximately 2 minutes. [link to salon finder + online speed mapping]

  • (7)  What hair types does the EnergyCodeTM Complex work best on?

    The EnergyCodeTM Complex is a smart technology for responsive and energized hair regardless of hair type or need. This is because the five different ingredients in the complex are each precisely and individually integrated into the product range, depending on the benefit for the product. This means that every product has its own relative amount of each ingredient as well as its own total dose of EnergyCodeTM Complex, so that the personal system specifically adapts to the individual hair needs. [link to product science page + video of the technology]

  • (8)  What do you mean by hair energy?

    Hair Energy is a measure of how responsive and full of life a strand of hair is: manageability, bounce, shine, frizziness etc. In the laboratory it can be measured by running a high-voltage current through a hair fiber, and examining the electron flow with a special photographic equipment. One of the primary drivers of hair energy levels is the amount of  lipids found in and around the hair fiber, which act as a sort of flexible glue that is responsible for how responsive the hair is. [link to product science page + video of the EPI electron hair demo video]

  • (9)  With all the luxury care brands on the market, what makes System Professional so unique?

    The key difference with System Professional is the integration of an ultra-personalized system of over 174 Million possible combinations, with the most advanced smart technology EnergyCodeTM Complex that fully enables meaningfully unique personal systems.

  • (10) Over 174 Million care systems: why do I need so many?

    We believe that everyone’s hair is as unique as their fingerprint. As a result it is critical that we offer tailor made, and truly personalized product and treatment recommendations instead of the usual one-size-fits-all approach in the industry. [link to speed mapping]

  • (11) Can I still find current SP products?

    The current SP brand will continue to be available in selected salons to delight clients with salon exclusive intensive care treatments.

  • (12) Where can I get my personal code?

    You can discover your personal code at any System Professional salon with the help of a trained care expert, through an in-depth EnergyCodeTM Mapping. You can also discover your key needs & simplified code online through our [final name for speed mapping]. [links to speed mapping + salon finder]

  • (13) What is System Professional doing against product diversion?

    Wella distributes System Professional exclusively via a selective distribution agreement to selected System Professional Salons to fulfill the expectations of our consumers and stylists. We have developed a sophisticated tracking code system to fight diversion outside of authorized distribution system. If you suspect a case of diverted stock, you can report it here: [link to reporting] / [link to anti-diversion page]

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